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Apply to Adopt a Red Dirt Dachshund!

Thank you for your interest in one of our Red Dirt Dachshund pups! To purchase a puppy from Red Dirt Dachshunds, the following application must be filled out and returned to us before being considered. We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at any time for any reason.

Puppy Application
Have You Ever Owned A Dachshund Before?
Do You Own or Rent?
Do You Have a Fenced In Backyard?
Do You Have Any Kids?
Is Anyone in the House Allergic to Dogs?
Do You Have Any Other Dogs?
Do You Have Any Vet References?

Do you understand we love each and every baby we have here at Red Dirt Dachshunds. We will not allow our babies to be passed around or surrendered. We will require you to contact us and give us the first option to return your baby if you can no longer keep him/her.

Are You a Breeder?
Are You Looking for a Male or Female?

Thank you for your application! We have received your application and will get back to you soon!

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